10kv silicone rubber cold shrinkable quality cable accessories


Cold shrink cable accessories are components of various cable accessories that are formed by injection vulcanization of elastomer materials (commonly used silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) in the factory, then expanded and lined with plastic spiral supports.
These pre expansion components are placed at the end or joint of the processed cable, and the plastic spiral strips (supports) that are internally supported are pulled out and pressed onto the cable insulation to form a cable accessory. Because it relies on elastic retraction force at room temperature, rather than using fire to heat and shrink like heat shrink cable accessories, it is commonly known as cold shrink cable accessories. The early cold shrink cable terminal only used silicone rubber cold shrink components for additional insulation, and the electric field treatment still used stress cone or stress tape wrapping.
Cold shrinkage stress control tubes are commonly used, with voltage levels ranging from 10kV to 35kV. Cold shrink cable joints, 1kV grade using cold shrink insulation pipes for reinforced insulation, and 10kV grade using cold shrink insulation components with inner and outer semi conductive shielding layers for joints. Cold shrink branch sleeves are used at the forks of the three core cable terminals.

10kV silicone rubber cold shrink cable accessories, the product quality meets and exceeds international industry standards such as IEC60502.4, IEEE48, IEEE404, etc. The product quality is world-class, with high reliability and stability, and the product service life is more than 30 years.

Chengdu Huayi Heat Shrink Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cold shrink and heat shrink products as well as optical communication wiring equipment, which is an ISO international quality system certified enterprise and an excellent enterprise of the Ministry of Information Industry into the network. There is a team of engineers and senior engineers including Dr. R & D. The company has advanced technology, first-class equipment, high level of quality management, users all over the world, products are exported to foreign countries. Our main products include heat-shrinkable cable accessories, cold-shrinkable cable accessories, heat-shrinkable sleeves for communication, heat-shrinkable tapes for oil pipelines, cold-shrinkable tubes for communication base stations, optical communication wiring equipment, etc.

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