Apocalypse Chain: A Public Chain That Solves Privacy and Freedom

2020-08-13 https://apnews.com/

Without privacy, there is no real freedom. Data worth trillions of dollars at every turn cannot protect the privacy of ordinary users. Apocalypse Chain, a public chain that solves privacy freedom, a believer in privacy freedom. Its birth will enable data security to be realized.

The Dawn and Dawn of The Data Age

Apocalypse Chain: A privacy and security space network solution based on the IPFS protocol. It is a public chain, based on the underlying protocol of IPFS, using distributed fragment storage technology, and paralleled by multiple algorithms of DPOS+PBFT. Compatible to solve the impossible triangle problem in the blockchain world-security, decentralization, and scalability, to ensure that private data can be truly secured, and everyone can enjoy the privacy and security space of personal freedom.

Believers of privacy freedom, without privacy, there is no real freedom. Data worth trillions of dollars at every turn cannot protect the privacy of ordinary users. Apocalypse Chain is a public chain that addresses privacy and freedom. Its birth will enable data security to be realized.

Distributed Storage---The Commercial Battlefield of The Trillion Storage Market

Data privacy has become the pain and itching of this era—the pain is because we ourselves have to bear the various problems caused by data leakage; the itching is because the companies that use our leaked data for analysis better serve us. How to solve the pain? How to save the itch? Apocalypse Chain, which was born in such a trillion-level battlefield, has data security and permanent encrypted storage, guarantees data privacy, and faster transmission speed. These technologies are being built brick by brick, and we are confident to nurture it into a real unicorn on this battlefield.

Economic Model

Apocalypse Chain is issued with a total of 21 million pieces and will never be issued again. The block interval is 1 minute and the block size is unlimited. TPS can reach 2000 at the beginning of the main chain.

85% of the total amount of ACL is produced through mining, using the world's leading DPOS+CPOC (Conditional Proof of Capacity) mechanism to produce blocks; 15% of the total amount is held by the technical team and the foundation and released linearly in cycles.

Block Generation Mechanism

1. CPOC (Conditional Proof of Capacity) is a conditional proof of capacity. Each mining machine can choose pledge mode or SOLO mode for mining.

2. When the pledge mode is selected, a mining machine needs to pledge 24 ACLs. At this time, the system will recognize that the mining machine meets the conditional capacity certificate and obtain a 100% block reward. When the SOLO mode is selected, there is no need to pledge ACL. At this time, the system recognizes that this mining machine does not meet the conditional capacity certificate, so it only gets a 30% block reward.

3. The computing power and income of the computing power provider are determined by many factors:

Personal computing power weight = C+T+H

C: Number of coins held/2400*80%, T: Hard disk capacity/8T*10%, H: Online time/24 hours*10%.

4. Personal income = personal computing power weight / total network computing power * total ACL output on the day.

5. Total network computing power: the sum of all the computing power contributions involved in participating in the Apocalypse Chain, including all computing power participating in the public chain computing power competition, and the possible micro computing power of various IoT devices in the future.

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