BitBase World: Leading the trend of global blockchain full ecological implementation


According to the latest "Global Economic Prospects" released by the World Bank, global economic growth is expected to further slow down in 2024, with growth projected to decrease to 2.4%. In order to alleviate economic recession, the increasing risks of inflation and bubble economy collapse caused by large-scale monetary easing by central banks around the world are becoming apparent.


As one of the measures to address the global economic downturn, global central banks and governments are turning their attention to the cryptocurrency market to absorb excess liquidity and speculative capital. Against this backdrop, BitBase World has emerged, aiming to build a metaverse ecosystem aggregation platform and lead the global blockchain ecosystem landing trend.



◎ The cryptocurrency market is a trend of the times, and BitBase World has emerged in response.


According to statistics, in 2022, major central banks globally injected approximately $40 trillion USD into the market, resulting in excess market liquidity and exacerbating issues such as inflation and currency devaluation, leading to the phenomenon of "hot money." In June 2023, BitBase World observed that companies like BlackRock, WisdomTree, and Invesco submitted applications for Bitcoin ETFs. Additionally, with the fourth Bitcoin halving scheduled for May 2024, the crypto market is expected to enter a bullish phase for the next two years. In response to this, BitBase World promptly established the BitBase World Foundation and initiated a collaborative plan to build a comprehensive platform for the metaverse ecosystem by reaching out to the Ethereum Foundation, Binance Foundation, and OpenAI Lab.


The Ethereum Foundation will provide funding and resources to support the improvement of products related to the Ethereum blockchain protocol and drive the development of relevant projects. The Binance Foundation will join as a funder, offering mature blockchain technology and a large cryptocurrency trading platform to support the global development of BitBase World. OpenAI Lab, as a research laboratory for artificial intelligence and one of the developers of the large language model GPT series, will not only provide financial support but also offer the Chat GPT technology. 


Ultimately, BitBase World assembled a team of 238 technology experts, led by Tommy Wilson, the Technical Director from OpenAI Lab, to develop an intelligent trading quantitative strategy platform based on the latest global Chat GPT technology, building the comprehensive ecosystem for the metaverse in BitBase World.

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