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The main component of the automotive connector is the contact connector, mainly refers to the core components connected to the power supply, mainly incluthe power supply, mainly including female and male contacts, thus generating power, as well as different types of connectors equipped with the shell, mainly to play a role in protecting the motherboard and fixing it to the car.
The role of automotive connectors in the design of automotive production is huge, it ensures the normal operation of the car during the driving process.

The role of automotive connectors in the production and design of automobiles is huge, and it ensures the normal operation of automobiles during the driving process.
First, the design standards and factors to ensure the safety of the car. The first thing to consider is the stability and safety of the materials used to produce and design. The materials are selected and used with great care and stability so as to ensure the stable performance of the on-board connections.
Second, the voltage and power of the stable matching car vibration, so that the bridge function of the car connector is stable, safe and reliable.
Third, the temperature induced by the connection line must be considered in many ways, not only to consider the thermal impact of the huge energy emitted by the car itself, but also to fully consider whether the temperature change caused by the external environment will affect the performance of the car connector and the safety of the body.
Fourth, to ensure the holding power of the car connector, so that the support of the car horsepower is an important insurance factor. Need to have a certain support force to ensure the safe design and operation of automotive connectors.
Nowadays, the perfect combination of automotive connectors and electronic engineering technology in the automotive industry will play a great role in the future development of society, and further innovation of automotive connectors is expected.

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