Equipment overview:
Electric desalination is also called electrodeionization (electrodeionization), referred to as edi. It scientifically integrates electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology. It is a desalination equipment composed of cation and anion exchange membranes, concentrated and fresh water separators, cation and anion exchange resins, positive and negative electrode plates and end pressure plates. Edi is an emerging membrane separation technology. The core of the technology is to use ion exchange resin as the carrier of ion migration, and use cation and anion exchange membranes as the separation interface. The process of. At the same time, the filled resin is continuously regenerated by the hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions generated by water electrolysis. Therefore, the edi water production process can continuously produce high-quality ultra-pure water without regeneration of acid and alkali chemicals. It has advanced technology, with the advantages of compact structure and easy operation, it can be widely used in electric power, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, food and laboratory fields. It is a green revolution in water treatment technology.
Scope of application:
Edi devices are generally placed after electrodialyzers or reverse osmosis devices (or directly applied to water with low salt content), which can replace ion exchangers to further desalinate water to produce higher pure water, and are widely used in electronics, chemical industry, and medicine. , atomic energy, electric power and other industries.

The driving force of salt and water separation is dc electric field;
The production process only uses electric energy, no acid-base regeneration, and only a small amount of nacl;
Discharge polar water and part of concentrated water, the water utilization rate is as high as 80%-90%;
Modular design, easy maintenance and expansion;
Desalination is complete, and the resistivity of the produced water reaches 18mΩ•cm;
Fully automatic process control without a lot of labor;
Desalination effect barrel ion exchange, small footprint, high efficiency and economy.

Xi'an xinshengtai water treatment environmental protection technology co., ltd. Was established in 2010, the company is located in xi'an, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties with a long history, where the ""terracotta warriors and horses of qin shi huang"", known as the eight wonders of the world, and other historical relics are also located.
With science and technology development and technological innovation as its leading role, xinshengtai is dedicated to improving water quality and is a high-tech environmental protection product company specializing in the r&d, design, production and sales of various environmental protection water treatment equipment.
Since its establishment, the company has undertaken and completed thousands of water treatment and environmental protection projects, involving coal chemical industry, power plant desalination, electronic high purity water, medical water, aviation cleaning, food and beverage, municipal heating, circulating water softening, residential drinking water purification, brackish water desalination, seawater desalination, industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse, rural drinking water transformation and many other industries. Our products are exported to australia, singapore, thailand, malaysia, russia, kazakhstan, turkmenistan, uzbekistan, ethiopia and other countries and regions. The project from design and management to installation and commissioning, after-sales service, has been highly evaluated by the majority of owners, and many projects implemented by the company in recent years have been selected by the national environmental protection department and water conservancy department as examples of high-quality environmental protection projects, setting an industry benchmark.
In 2011, the company created xi'an xinshengtai environmental protection industrial park in xi'an national new area ----, which covers an area of 36 acres and is mainly used for the design, development and production processing of environmental protection water treatment equipment. At present, the factory has 150 registered employees, more than 50% of whom have middle and senior titles, and has long established friendly cooperation with many universities, colleges and research institutes in xi'an, becoming one of the internship bases for graduates of universities and colleges specializing in environmental protection and water treatment, sending a batch of fresh blood to the industry.
The company has a well-trained and technically competent staff team. Adhering to the site survey, engineering design, business negotiations, installation and commissioning, after-sales service of the whole star service.



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