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Escalators are fixed electrically powered devices with circular running rungs for conveying passengers upwards or downwards at an incline.
Escalators consist of a stairway (a deformed plate conveyor) and handrails (a deformed belt conveyor) on both sides. The main components are the stairs, the traction chain and sprockets, the guideway system, the main drive system (including motor, reduction device, brake and intermediate drive link, etc.), the drive spindle, the stairway tensioning device, the handrail system, the comb plate, the escalator skeleton and the electrical system. The stairs move horizontally at the passenger entrance (to facilitate passenger boarding) and gradually form a ladder later; near the exit the ladder gradually disappears and the stairs move horizontally again. These movements are achieved by the main and auxiliary wheels of the stairs travelling along different stair rails respectively.
In 1900, a ladder-shaped escalator exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition was the prototype of the modern escalator. Since then, escalators have been rapidly developed in various countries.

Escalator advantages:
1,productivity, i.e. large conveying capacity, even flow of people, can continuously transport people.

2, convenient up and down: so that people can go up and down at any time, without the need for a certain waiting time as in the case of lifts, so that the escalator has the superiority of continuous and rapid evacuation of a large number of people.

3, occupy less space: escalators do not need to set up machine rooms at the top of the building and consider buffer pits at the bottom, so they occupy less space than lifts, and in case of failure, escalators can be used as general stairs, unlike lifts, which have the weakness of interrupting use in case of failure.

Notes on escalators

Pay attention to your feet, especially to the soffit, and do not allow shoelaces, skirt corners, trouser legs etc. to get caught between the soffit and the steps. Pay attention to your luggage and do not leave it on the escalator so that it does not interfere with the passage of passengers.

If you encounter others caught in the escalator, you need to press the emergency stop button immediately. There should be a red emergency stop button underneath the side of the escalator in both up and down directions. The button is usually positioned where it cannot be easily triggered, but it is easy to find if you look carefully. It is important not to press the button by mistake in non-emergency situations, as a sudden stop can also cause passengers to fall, tumble or step on the lift.

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