Fire emergency lighting


Fire emergency lighting is a very important lighting equipment in fire safety management, and fire emergency lighting system is an important part of the fire protection system. Fire emergency lighting is a fire emergency lighting for personnel evacuation, firefighting operations to provide lighting! It normally uses external power supply, and automatically switches to battery power supply when the power is off! Fire emergency lighting is suitable for fire emergency lighting, is the most common kind of lighting equipment in the fire emergency, has a long emergency lighting time, high brightness, low power consumption, long service life and power failure automatic emergency function and other characteristics. It is designed with power switch and finger light on the side, suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places for power outages for emergency lighting. General high-rise buildings / shopping malls / entertainment venues and other crowded places will be equipped with fire emergency lighting!

1, fast emergency conversion speed (≤ 0.2 seconds);
2, the lamp head can be rotated 360 degrees, the light focus is better;
3, lamp head with oval metal spraying, three-dimensional sense of strong. 3;
4, intelligent fault automatic detection function, stable and reliable work;
5, high bright LED light source applications, low power consumption, long service life;
6, the light body first with high-quality metal spraying light box, layered and color design, novel and beautiful appearance.
Fire emergency lighting can be classified by function and working state in two ways.
1, according to the function can be divided into the following two categories:
① Lighting type lamps and lanterns. In the event of an accident, it can provide the necessary lighting to the aisles, exit passages, stairs and potential danger areas.
② sign type lamps and lanterns. Can indicate the direction of exit and passage visibly, with text and illustration on the light, the brightness of the sign surface is 7~10cd/m2, the thickness of the stroke of the text is at least 19mm, the height is at least 150mm, the observation distance is 30m, and the contrast between the light transmitting text and the background is large.
2, according to the working state can be divided into the following three categories:
① Non-continuous emergency lights. Only when the normal lighting power failure to provide lighting.
② continuous emergency lights. Whether or not the normal lighting power failure, can continue to provide lighting.        
③ composite emergency lights. Fire emergency lighting fixtures are equipped with more than two light sources, at least one of which can provide lighting when the normal lighting power fails.

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