HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition Announces Semi-Final Entries


The First HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition (“HICOOL”), has announced more than 200 entries to its semi-final at a press conference hosted on August 14 in Beijing.

The pioneering competition has seen a gathering of international intelligence in cutting-edge technological industries. The preliminary contests has attracted 3085 world-class science and technology talents from 82 countries with more than 600 shortlisted.

Projects cover multiple sectors such as medicine and healthcare (26%), artificial intelligence, big data and financial technology (22%), new energy, materials and intelligent equipment (19%), cultural innovation (9%) as well as next-generation information technology such as 5G (18%).

These entrants will join HICOOL’s global semi-finals on September 9 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing , and winners will continue their challenge at the global final on September 11. The next two rounds will further inspire and motivate daring founders to challenge and envision the future.

The final 100 winners will share CNY 80 million (USD 11 million) of cash awards, as well as direct investments of total CNY 1 billion (USD 140 million) from venture capital.

The four-month event will conclude in September 2020 at the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit in Beijing. The grand event, joined by Shen Nanpeng, Global Managing Partner of Sequoia Capital; Kaifu Li, Chairman and CEO of Innovation Works; Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group; Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of iFLYTEK and Pierre Vialettes, Global Technical Director of Airbus, is expected to be a carnival for tech talents.

Together, HICOOL will empower the innovation entrepreneurial eco-system by integrating resources and capabilities as well as promoting industrial integration and transformation. Winners at the competition will be supported by HICOOL on business outreach, policy interpretation and partnership matching in Beijing.

“By supporting such technological innovation, we would like to work with our partners and our participants to together establish and share a multi-level, multi-dimensional and diverse international entrepreneurship model that can help them grow in Beijing.” said Guan Hongliang, Chairman of Beijing Overseas Talents Association.


HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition aims to creats a leading tech event in China in 2020, igniting the entrepreneurship spirit and attract world-class science and technology projects to the entrepreneurial eco-system, establishing an optimal industrial ecological empowerment in China.

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HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition

Liz Lee

Media: media@hicool.com 



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