The interior wall latex paint is a kind of water-based coating which is made of polymer emulsion as film forming material and synthetic resin emulsion as base material adding pigments, fillers and various additives. Interior wall latex paint is one of the main decorative materials for indoor walls and ceilings, which is characterized by good decorative effect, convenient construction and little environmental pollution.
Safety matters:
1, before use, be sure to carefully read the construction instructions in the product packaging text to obtain reliable and satisfactory coating effect
2, Open all doors and Windows as far as possible before starting operation and use to ensure sufficient ventilation conditions in the construction area
3, if allergic skin, should always wear protective equipment during use; In case of eye contamination, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention
4, Do not allow children or pets to enter the construction area, and place the product out of reach; In case of contamination, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical assistance
5, effectively separate, cover and shield the area of wood products and walls, better maintain the cleanliness of the construction site, avoid chaotic construction operations, and operate in accordance with the construction sequence of first construction of wood paint, and then construction of latex paint after drying
6, When the paint spills out, collect and dispose of it reasonably after covering it with sand or soil. Do not pour the paint into the sewer or drain pipe to prevent blockage.

1, Fast drying speed. The surface can dry in 30 minutes and is completely dry in about 120 minutes.

2, good alkaline resistance. Applied on the wall, ceiling and concrete wall with alkaline new plaster, it is not easy to stick back and change color.

3, soft color, hard film, flat surface no light, look comfortable, bright and soft color. Strong adhesion, ideal for painting walls and ceilings.

4, can be constructed on the newly constructed wet wall, allowing humidity up to 8-10%, does not affect the cement to continue to dry.

5, non-toxic. Even if the construction in the room with poor ventilation conditions, it will not bring harm to the construction personnel.

6, convenient modulation, easy construction. It can be diluted with water, constructed with a brush or a combination pen, and cleaned with water after the tool is used up, which is very convenient.

7, no fire, because the paint is a water phase system, so no fire risk.

Yunnan Kunjiang Coating Co., Ltd. was established in March 2015, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, located in the Second Street Industrial Park, Jinning District, Kunming City, specializing in the production of interior and exterior architectural coatings (products include: Inner and outer wall latex paint, real stone paint, texture paint, micro gold color, yarn stone, water in water, water in sand imitation stone paint, etc.), over the years, the company is committed to creating "Kunjiang" independent brand, with a number of brand image stores in various states in Yunnan Province, most of the partners are construction companies and decoration companies, and the products are well received by the majority of customers.
In August 2019, the company invested in the construction of a new factory in the Second Street Industrial Park, Jinning District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, and the National Development and Reform Commission approved the project of "Annual output of 50,000 tons of water-based coating production project". All environmental protection and environmental assessment, production permits, fire protection and other procedures are complete. The production equipment is designed with automatic intelligent production lines, with an annual output of 50,000-100,000 tons of architectural coatings. To achieve a one-stop OEM service platform and self-owned brand promotion and sales in Yunnan Province and its surrounding provinces.



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