Imitation Rittal Cabinet


Application scenarios of imitation Rittal cabinets.
1. Imitation Rittal cabinets are used in the electric power industry, which can replace GGD and other cabinets, and the engineering grade is obviously improved. The interior is equipped with mounting beams or metal plate parts, which can be freely adjusted up, down, left, right, front and back for bearing the weight of electrical components. It should be noted that if some heavy equipment, such as large switches or reactors, are installed inside the Vito cabinet, the mounting structure needs to be thickened and considered. In addition, the frame of the imitation Rittal cabinet needs to be reinforced.
2. Imitation Rittal cabinets are widely used in the automation industry. Various inverters and PLCs are well suited to be mounted on the mounting plate or beam of the cabinet along with fan filters or air conditioning units. Imitation Rittal cabinets provide a very comfortable working environment for these designs.
3. Imitation Rittal cabinets are increasingly used in the network communication cabinet industry. The rack structure of the 19-inch network cabinet in the cabinet is ideal for the installation and use of switches, servers and other equipment. The flexible frame structure of Rittal-like cabinets has a variety of installation methods, with a wide range of options and scalability. The use scenarios of Rittal-like cabinets are getting more and more cost-effective.

Product parameters.
Material: cold-rolled steel plate (can be customized stainless steel)
Surface treatment: cabinet dip coating primer, external powder coating
Color: RAL7032 and RAL7035 two kinds (stainless steel exterior treatment default technology for brushed treatment), weaving pattern,
Mounting plate: galvanized plate
Standard configuration: door, cabinet, sealing strip, grounding kit, mounting plate, door lock, back panel, (side panels are not removable)
Frame: five-fold profile   
Door plate: 2.0mm   
Mounting plate: 2.5mm   
Back plate: 1.5mm
Steel plate thickness: box 1.5mm, door plate 2.0mm, mounting plate 2.5m
Product features.    
The product cabinet door 25mm from the ground, 2.5mm thick mounting plate, 20mm wide U-shaped curved edge on both sides, the cabinet door contains a mounting strip, cabinet full frame side panels, front and rear doors and top plate, bottom plate can be removed, built-in internal lights, easy to install and detect. Standard with MS821 lock, upper, middle and lower three points locking cabinet door, sealing ring using polyurethane foam sealing tape to ensure the level of protection. Increase the waterproof edge at the cabinet door frame with the cabinet door seal ring to prevent water and dust from falling into the cabinet.

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