Julai King Hvls Industrial Ceiling Fan High Volume Low Speed For Workshop


King hvls industrial ceiling fans are customized for large-capacity and low-speed workshops. Usa&cn jie coaxial helical gear reducer has a larger frame size (output diameter 40mm), which reduces the risk of radial force, one of the safety guarantees. O'mara s4 super long-life synthetic gear oil, maintenance-free for 20,000 hours - improving oil quality, one of the safety guarantees. Germany's top imported simritt output double oil seal design—reduces the possibility of seal oil leakage and guarantees long-term quality. Box-type automatic exhaust valve-reduce the risk of oil emulsification, one of the safety guarantees. Originalking hvls industrial ceiling fan large capacity low speed workshop supercharger roller bearings - reduced radial offset, lifetime warranty.
Julai king fan series industrial ceiling fans adopt joint-venture technology motor reducer with stable performance; large air volume, good effect, long quality guarantee and easy maintenance.
Application occasions: Widely used in industrial plants, logistics storage, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets and other tall spaces.

Hvls fan uses:
1. Promote multi-directional gas flow to achieve natural ventilation and working environment refrigeration
2, combined with central air conditioning (environmental protection air conditioning), can improve the refrigeration effect, while better energy saving.
3, adjust the air relative humidity, reduce indoor air quality environmental humidity, maintain indoor dry.
Functions of the hvls fan:
1. Personnel cooling
The natural breeze generated by the large hvs fan blows over the body, encouraging the evaporation of sweat to carry away heat and cooling the body, resulting in a cooling sensation. Usually, this cooling sensation can reach 5 to 8. The three-dimensional natural wind of hvs fan is more comfortable, mainly because: On the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing of human body in an all-round way allows the evaporation area of human body to reach the maximum; on the other hand, it is because human beings have accumulated intimate experience of natural wind in nature. Once the natural breeze of wind speed changes, human body will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool
2. Natural ventilation
In the past, we often decide what kind of products and quantity to use according to the number of air exchange of space. This in a small space, this effect is very obvious, but in a tall and wide closed space, the effect of ventilation is not obvious: The relatively large proportion of soot, moisture, carbon dioxide and poor quality air, or concentrated at the bottom of the building, the roof negative pressure fan and every corner of the air has no effect, and exactly the personnel and equipment are there. Hvs fans allow for natural ventilation, which is good for promoting air circulation.
3. Dehumidification and moisture removal
Hvs fans can promote air mixing throughout the space, play a certain role in dehumidification and moisture, and also avoid the noise and humidity caused by other ventilation schemes.

Julai (chongqing) ventilation equipment co., ltd. Is a brand equipment manufacturer specialized in solving ventilation and cooling systems in large space industries. Founded in 2020, the company is now located in longxing industrial park, liangjiang new area, chongqing, a world-class modern manufacturing base.
Julai (chongqing) ventilation equipment co., ltd. Focuses on r&d, production and sales of industrial fans and environmental air conditioners. The company organized a group of scientific and technical personnel to effectively solve the current situation that the installation and use and maintenance costs of air conditioners are very high, which are urgently needed to be solved in the cooling of large space environment. In combination with the industrial large fans and environmental protection air conditioners produced by domestic and foreign professional companies, we have absorbed the advantages of their products, and solved the shortcomings of peer products such as low power utilization rate, insufficient air volume, frequent oil leakage, large noise, broken fan blades, missing safety parts, and short service life. Our company has also carried out a series of technical innovation and transformation measures, drawing on the strengths of others, through repeated practice and continuous improvement, we have independently developed a new generation of environmental protection and energy saving products.
Relying on the strength of science and technology and research and development, the company has cooperated with many scientific research institutions with advanced research and development capabilities in wind power drive, such as nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics and chongqing university, which has greatly improved the performance and reliability of its products. R&d and production of high-quality products that meet market demand are exported to many countries and regions in the united states, europe and asia. At present, the company has obtained a number of national patents, and has passed the iso9001 quality system certification, the german rhine certification, the united states ce certification, and has obtained several aaa enterprise credit rating certificates, "quality trustworthy products", "china's environmental protection and energy conservation products" and other honorary certificates. Brand china, the brand discovery column of cctv, has also carried out extensive coverage of the julai brand.
We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, focus and professionalism", aiming at manufacturing world-class industrial fans, forge ahead, improve the working environment for enterprises, and contribute to the cause of environmental protection, energy conservation, ventilation and cooling.
In the future, we will continue to optimize our products by relying on technology leadership, control quality in strict accordance with the quality system standards, take creating a better environment for the public through excellent service and innovative technology as our corporate mission, and strive to provide every customer with high-quality products and services.



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