Mid Island Area Display Shelves


The middle island frame is a powerful tool for vivid terminal publicity and promotion. As a marketing method, nakajima and nakajima showcases are developed with terminal pop advertising. It has the advantages of green environmental protection, convenient transportation, rapid assembly, etc., and can be placed in the sales place, which can play a role in displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales.
Mainly used for: Shopping malls, brand stores, business halls, enterprise exhibition halls. The products on display are: Clothing, bags, belts, cosmetics, hanging accessories, materials, books, promotional materials, chewing gum, posters, cds, hair supplies and other product displays.

The island shelf can be divided into:
1. Middle island rack, (hanging type middle island, side hanging, front hanging, clothing assembly table)
2. Nakajima showcase, (seated nakajima showcase, wall-mounted showcase, suspended nakajima showcase)
Among them, the material of the island frame can be: Wood, mdf, hardware (stainless steel) wire
Among them, the material of the nakajima showcase can be: Mdf, acrylic, glass, hardware (stainless steel) led

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