Rebar Straight Thread Rolling Machine


The Jinlida series of straight thread rolling machine is equipped with a reinforced head, a carburised tool base and a turbo-worm for quick adjustment of the thread rolling size, making it easy to operate, efficient and stable. The machine has an automatic opening and closing structure, which allows the rebar to be clamped once and the thread to be processed in 30 seconds. High precision, high qualification rate. Our various types of reinforcing steel mechanical joints have been type tested and the four indicators of tensile strength, cutting line modulus, ultimate stress and residual deformation have reached the requirements of JGJ107-2016 (Technical Specification for Mechanical Connection of Reinforcing Steel) for Grade 1 and Grade 1 joints, which are suitable for 2~50mm of GB1499 and BS4449 in the foundation, beam, column, slab, wall and other components of reinforced concrete structures in various buildings. (CS2) reinforcing steel.
It can be widely used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, subways, coal mines, dams and other industrial and civil engineering projects.

Light: Double-sided cutter head and positioning discs are light, time-saving and labour-saving, reducing the labour intensity of manual labour.
High precision: cold-rolling process with wire rollers and "moulding" of the steel wire head. Smooth wire head, full of teeth, increase the effective wire, high precision, qualified rate up to 100%.
Stable machine: the machine has a stable centre of gravity, ensuring the stability of the machine and a high rate of finished products.
Long life of the motor: the motor power is all 7.5KW, which greatly extends the service life of the motor.
Fast speed: the machine speed is fast, the machine head adopts the white action opening and closing structure, the steel bars can be clamped at one time and the wire head processing can be completed in 15 seconds, the machine head is equipped with super high strength wire roller.
High efficiency: wear-resistant and durable, save accessories, can greatly improve the working efficiency.
Wide range of use: It can process HRB335, HRB400 and HRB500 ribbed steel bars of 12-40mm.

Shaanxi Jinlida Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Weiyang District, Xi 'an City, Shaanxi Province, the company is a professional development, production, sales, undertake steel mechanical connection products professional company.
The company has strong technical force, complete processing equipment, perfect testing means, the company's products are optimized by microcomputer design, to reach the domestic advanced level.
The business scope of the company includes: research and development, production and sales of steel bar straight thread rolling machine, sleeve, sleeve wire machine, wire rolling machine, straight thread construction machinery. Building auxiliary materials, new building equipment sales, etc.
The company pursues the development principle of "survival by quality, development by science and technology", and adheres to the customer-centered service concept. The company is willing to cooperate with all sectors of society to create a brilliant future of "steel bar connection" for your project.
The company has been adhering to the "management talent based, market integrity based, product quality based, scientific and technological development based, quality service customer based, win-win cooperation based" my company is willing to high-quality and reliable product quality, advanced product technology, flexible and diverse service with colleagues in the construction industry cooperation, hand in hand progress, Jointly shape the steel bar connection industry "Jinlida" brand.


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