Reflective Short Sleeve T-shirt


The full name of the reflective clothing is "reflective warning clothing", and the official name is "occupational high visibility warning clothing", which is called warning clothing for short. This is a clothing designed and made using fluorescent and reflective materials to enhance the visibility of the wearer in high-risk environments and serve as a warning.
In recent years, reflective clothing has been widely used in various industries such as public security, traffic police, environmental sanitation, fire protection, rescue, road construction, aviation and ground handling, petroleum and petrochemical, construction, mining, express delivery, and delivery, providing solid and effective personal safety protection for outdoor workers in these industries.

1. Highly reflective T sleeves for visible safety, dedicated to the field of reflective vests for many years;
2. Quick-drying fabric provides a cooler touch: Quick-drying technology fabric can better absorb new metabolites from the skin to keep it dry and clean, with a smooth and soft feel that is not easy to shrink, and has better moisture absorption and breathability when working together;
3. The highlighted reflective strip always protects safety, and the T-sleeve fully covers the reflective strip. At night, when the car lights shine, it will strongly reflect, warning the driver to pay attention earlier and ensuring safety at all times;
4. High brightness reflective strip design - Night Safety Guardian: The T-sleeve is equipped with reflective strips at the front and back to enhance the visibility range at night. It can still be seen at a distance of 300 meters under the illumination of the car lights, turning on a bright light for travel safety.
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Founded in 1997, Haoertai Garment, a professional manufacturer of workwear in China, has formed a large workwear enterprise with the integration of textile, printing and dyeing, and garment industries, and has reached strategic cooperation with many famous enterprises both at home and abroad, with the concept of caring for the world's workers. The company's industrial park is located in Ping Shan, Sichuan, covering an area of 100 mu, with a construction area of 50,000 square meters. It has a professional technical team and advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, equipped with laboratories and printing and embroidery workshops, and has an annual production capacity of 20 million sets of garments. In 2010, we invested in Yilong Group, which is located in JingYan, Sichuan Province, covering an area of 200 mu, with 8 long car rolling and dyeing production lines and 2 printing production lines, with an annual output of 140 million meters of color fabrics. The company was awarded ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certificate, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system, AAA corporate credit rating, AAA credit rating, AAA integrity management demonstration unit rating, AAA quality/service integrity unit rating, AAA contractual and trustworthy enterprise rating, LA, BSCI audit certification, OE certification. BSCI audit certification, OEKO-TEX100 certification, CE certificate of isolation clothing and other qualifications, as well as medical masks in the European Ministry of Health for the record registration, enterprise products have won a number of technology patents, and with Chengdu Textile College to establish a demonstration base for the integration of research and development of industry-university research. We will work hand in hand with you, wise innovation, to create a benchmark, to provide more intimate protection for the world's workers.


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