Shoulder Portable Laser Gas Leak Detector Discovery-p2/pre-sale Deposit


It is mainly used for leakage detection of natural gas pipeline network, and also for methane leakage in other air. Compared with the traditional gas leakage detection technology, the laser detector has faster response speed, higher sensitivity, longer service life and can be calibrated automatically.
The equipment adopts advanced TDLAS technology. It is mainly used for leakage detection of urban natural gas pipeline network, and can also be used for methane leakage detection in other air. Compared with traditional gas leakage detection products, the equipment adopts technology, which has faster corresponding speed, higher sensitivity, longer service life and can be automatically calibrated. It is applicable to government buried pipeline detection, yard pipeline detection, household pipeline detection, station detection, long-distance pipeline detection, special occasions detection, etc.

1. Laser sensing technology is specially developed for natural gas pipeline leakage detection
2. 1PPM start test, reaction time < 0.1S
3. Full-range detection: supported by PPM, LEL, VOL 4, Smart Light IOT intelligent cloud patrol platform, it can record the patrol track in real time, automatically add alarm point information and relevant picture text description, generate a detection report with one key, connect to the cloud information system in real time, and dispatch with one key to realize real closed-loop patrol
5. Low maintenance cost, longer service life and automatic calibration
6. Convenient operation, power-on and testable, easy to use and easy to carry
7. The pump suction can be increased, and the module loaded electric vehicle can support electric vehicle inspection

Xi'an PipeGood Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established on November 4, 2014 in Xi'an, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales, after-sales and pipeline detection and testing engineering services of related instruments for gas PE pipe network detection, water pipe network leak detection, and natural gas pipe network leak detection.
Since the establishment of the company, relying on rich industry resources and professional experience advantages, adhering to the mission of making the world without unpredictable pipelines, the company took the lead in developing the gas PE pipeline locator GPPL in China, which solved the problem that the gas PE pipeline cannot be detected. The worldwide problem of GPPL has boosted the confidence of the industry and made the detection of gas PE pipelines a conventional detection method. Since its launch in 2016, GPPL has been applied in more than 200 units in China, detecting more than 20,000 kilometers of gas PE pipelines. Technical detection of gas PE pipelines has been included as a mandatory method for gas PE pipeline detection by China Resources, ENN and other gas groups and the Technical Regulations for Fine Detection of Underground Pipe Networks.
PipeGood Technology has gathered professionals in various fields such as instrumentation, electronic machinery, computer software and engineering geophysical exploration. Through joint development, technology introduction, on-site technical services and other methods, the research and development results have been transformed into productivity, and more than 20 national-level achievements have been obtained. Technology patents and soft writing. In order to further promote the healthy and orderly development of China's gas PE pipeline detection business, after six years of hard work, the company has formed a detection team with excellent work style, dare to fight tough battles, and can win battles, Including 30 detection team leaders, more than 60 detection team members. The team members have successfully helped ENN Gas, China Resources Gas, PetroChina Gas, Kunlun Gas, China Gas, and Ganghua Gas to solve a number of technical problems, which have been well received by the industry.
In the future, PipeGood Technology will make more efforts towards the goal of building a leading enterprise in the field of underground pipe network testing in China, and become a benchmark enterprise leading the industry with excellent technology, excellent products and excellent service!


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