Soft porcelain


Traditional ceramic tiles are not pasted firmly and reliably. The thickness of the adhesive layer is 15-20mm, which wastes national resources and reduces the indoor space. The technical quality of workers is high and the pasting speed is slow. A skilled worker can fix the brick joint with a cross plastic frame at most 12-15m every day, and can only paste from the bottom of the wall. Fumeilai soft stone products are lighter, thinner and safer, with excellent wall effect. It has high bonding strength and high safety. It is used in commerce, ancient towns and famous and popular streets.
Traditional ceramic tiles are heavy and easy to fall off, and coatings are easy to peel off, resulting in halogenated hydrocarbons, aniline and other harmful substances under the action of light and ultraviolet rays. Fumeilai soft stone products are lighter, thinner and safer, with excellent wall effect. With high bonding strength and high safety, it is applied to the old transformation and renovation of the outer walls of middle schools and colleges.
The traditional ceramic tile theory is that ceramic tiles are very easy to break in the process of production, transportation, installation or use, which is determined by the nature of its own materials and cannot be changed. Fumeilai soft stone products are lighter, thinner and safer, with excellent wall effect. With high bonding strength and high safety, it is applied to villas, foreign houses and small high-rise buildings

Main raw materials of soft porcelain
Putong urban building waste soil (including loess, laterite, clay and black soil), cement waste block, porcelain slag, fly ash, coal cinder, steel mill house slag and stone powder can become the main raw materials of MCM series products.
Generally speaking, as long as it is inorganic powder (inorganic powder for short), it can become the main raw material of soft capital. From the perspective of raw materials, soft porcelain is modified inorganic powder.
Sustainability of soft porcelain sustainability-mcm
After more than 30 technological processes, the composite modified soil has good plasticity. The scientific community named this magical new material "MCM". MCM combines the flexibility of organic materials and the aging resistance of inorganic materials, non-toxic and radiation free.
"MCM" can be shaped arbitrarily under photochemical isomerism and controlled curve temperature -- anything you can think of can be realized. MCM's exclusive mechanical system realizes emission and zero transportation and dyeing in the molding process. Byron, the consumables are more than 80% lower than those of the same kind of products
MCM series products can be recycled and recycled, or the soil essence can be restored through physical, chemical and mechanical treatment to return to farming.

Sichuan fumeilai new building materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a professional enterprise focusing on the R & D, design, production, sales and service of building interior and exterior wall decoration products. Its products include: thermal insulation decorative finished board, artificial cultural stone cultural brick, flexible face brick - soft porcelain, etc. The business scope includes production, sales, processing, installation and R & D: artistic pouring stone, artificial cultural stone, artificial cultural brick, flexible face brick, soft porcelain, soft stone, natural stone, architectural coating, thermal insulation material, integrated thermal insulation and decoration board, inorganic artificial stone, imitation stone, hardware products, adhesives, building decoration materials (excluding sand and stone and dangerous chemicals), ceramsite, calcium silicate board, fiber cement board, metal railing Fiber reinforced cement components, composite insulation board, light insulation partition board, vertical greening; Import and export of goods. (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can be carried out only after approval by relevant departments).


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