Specialized Automation Equipment


Advantages of automation equipment.
1、The use of automation equipment can reduce manpower and lower the cost of product production.
2、It can improve production capacity.
3、Reliable automated products are easier to manage than people.
4、It can effectively improve the quality of the product, by using automation equipment can effectively improve the consistency of the product.
5、Improve the company's competitive strength.
Definition of automation: Automation is a high-tech company specializing in the development, production and sales of intelligent automatic control, digital and networked controllers and sensors. Its numerous functional modules and perfect embedded solutions can meet the individual needs of many users to the greatest extent. The company's products have a variety of series to meet the needs of customers. The automated equipment consists of a vibrating plate with matching.

Features :
Significantly increase labor productivity.
That is, more products can be manufactured per unit of time, and each labor input can create higher output value, and workers can be freed from regular manual labor to engage in more creative work.
Second, product quality is highly repeatable and consistent, and can significantly reduce the rate of non-conformity.
Third, a significant reduction in manufacturing costs.
Machine automation equipment production beat is very short, can achieve high productivity, while the machine can run continuously, and thus can significantly reduce manufacturing costs under the conditions of mass production.
Fourth, high product accuracy. A variety of high-precision guiding, positioning, feeding, adjusting, detecting, vision systems or components are used on the machine equipment, which can ensure the high precision of product assembly production.
V. Shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the number of products. Equipment automation makes the manufacturing cycle of products shorter, which can enable enterprises to achieve rapid delivery and improve their competitiveness in the market, as well as reduce the quantity of raw materials and products and lower working capital costs.
VI. Replacing manual operations in environments that are harmful and dangerous to humans.
Seven, in some cases can only rely on machine automation production. At present, the products on the market are increasingly miniaturized and miniaturized, the size of the parts has been significantly reduced, and various microelectromechanical systems are rapidly developing. The manufacturing and assembly of these micro mechanisms, micro sensors, micro actuators and other products can only rely on machines to achieve.

Xi'an Lihui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone, is a professional R & D design, production and sales
High-tech enterprise of automation equipment and manipulator solutions. Through years of hard work, the company uses foreign advanced modular design principles
Based on the idea, successfully developed the flow column screw LTH and synchronous belt LTB series hundred-line modules for general use environments. The products have a compact structure,
Low inertia, high response, low friction, low noise and good stability at low speed.
LTH, LTB series linear modules can be used alone or in combination. The products are widely used in electronics, automobiles, semiconductors, etc.
Handling, shifting, palletizing, dispensing, spraying, testing, labeling, cutting, welding, loading and unloading, etc.
Efficient production.
While creating more value for customers, our company constantly injects new elements to provide users with cost-effective products,
Focus on providing users with a full range of services, always put pre-sales and after-sales service and technical support at the top of the work, and establish a set of ten thousand
The whole pre-sale and after-sale and technical support system, with selfless professionalism and superb technology to provide customers with quality services.
"Intelligent manufacturing" is the only way for China's industrial upgrading, to contribute to the manufacturing industry and create greater value for customers
value, create a future for employees, and seek sustainable development for the enterprise.
The company follows the principle of "innovation drives development, details determine success or failure".


Feng Xiaohui



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