Heatwave set to arrive next week

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Most of the UK will experience the finest conditions and highest temperatures so far this year

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Heatwaves may hit parts of the UK next week,the Met Office has said.

A “greyer start to the weekend” is set to make way for a “mainly nice day” in most areas of the UK on Sunday,forecasters said.

Hotter,more humid weather is forecast at the start of next week,with temperatures reaching the mid-20s and potential heatwaves across some areas in central and southern England.

On Monday,temperatures are expected to reach a maximum of 27C in the north of England and 28C in the south and South East of the country.

Neil Armstrong,the Met Office chief forecaster,said: “Some central and southern areas are likely to see temperatures approaching the values needed for heatwave conditions.

“Heatwave conditions need to remain in situ for three consecutive days and by the middle of next week it is possible that some parts of the UK could be reaching heatwave thresholds.

“However,whether or not everyone experiences heatwave thresholds,the majority of the UK will experience the finest conditions and highest temperatures so far this year.”

From Wednesday,the weather is likely to become “unsettled” with a potential for heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Hay fever sufferers with lung problems have been advised to stay home as a “pollen bomb” explodes across the UK.

Pollen levels are forecast to remain very high across England,Wales and Northern Ireland until Tuesday,while much of Scotland will be affected until Monday.

The number of hay fever sufferers seeking advice from the NHS website has more than doubled in the past week as pollen levels have risen.

Health officials have advised sufferers to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible and to shower and change clothes after being outdoors.

Asthma experts say those who suffer from lung conditions may need to go further and stay inside as much as possible in coming days.

So far,the areas most affected include London,the South East,South West,North East and West of England,as well as the Midlands,Yorkshire and parts of Scotland.

Pollen levels are expected to remain high over the weekend across more than two-thirds of the UK,according to the Met Office.

Health officials have advised hay fever sufferers to shower and change clothes after being outdoors

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Erika Radford,head of health advice at charity Asthma + Lung UK,said those most affected should consider staying home during the sunny days ahead.

She said: “Checking pollen and air pollution forecasts in your local area every day is a good idea,so you can avoid going outdoors as much as possible on high pollen days.”

The expert added: “Rising pollen levels can be very problematic for people with lung conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It can make someone’s lung condition symptoms much worse or lead to a potentially life-threatening asthma attack or COPD flare-up. When pollen particles are breathed in,they can cause inflammation in the airways and get into the lungs,making it harder for those with lung conditions to breathe.”

In a recent survey by the charity,half of people with asthma and more than a quarter of people with COPD said pollen was a trigger for their condition,causing a flare-up of their symptoms such as coughing,wheezing,a tight chest and breathlessness.

Views on the charity’s hay fever website pages have tripled in recent weeks,while the numbers turning to the NHS website have more than doubled in just one week.

People with lung conditions affected by pollen are also advised to use preventer inhalers daily,making them less likely to react badly to a trigger like pollen. 

While antihistamines can be purchased over the counter,GPs sometimes prescribe steroid nasal sprays to help reduce allergic reactions.


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